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Post  MoneyShot on Fri Dec 21, 2007 4:21 pm

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The ball starts to the left of the target line and continues to fly straight along that line. This often happens with short irons.

Check this list of possibilities to see where you are going wrong:

Aim: Clubface not normally a factor.

Grip: Both hands could be twisted too far round the right on the grip causing the clubface to close at impact.
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Ball position: The ball may be too far forward in the stance causing the shoulders to aim left.

Stance: If the stance is too narrow the shoulders will dominate the forward swing.

Body alignment: The feet, hips and shoulders are aiming too far left. (See above).

Posture: Maybe a bit top heavy where you don't have enough knee flex.

Arms: Your arms are too close to your chest.
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Golf coach tip: Check your grip and your clubface position, making sure it's not closed. Try and rotate the clubface through the ball like a swing door in a western. Make sure it opens on the way back and closes after you've hit the shot. (See above).

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