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Tee box do's and don't s Empty Tee box do's and don't s

Post  MoneyShot on Mon Dec 24, 2007 7:25 pm

This happened just yesterday when i was playing at Bukit Kemuning with a few friends. We were all at the tee box. And what happened was, one of the players did a practice swing with his buggy mate next to him. Unintentionally, he did a full backswing and the driver head came into contact with that person. It was unfortunate. Thankfully, the victim was ok despite being a bit dazed. The 'predator' was awfully sorry and that was the end of it. He will probably remember this one of the biggest ball he has come into contact with and both of them i'm sure will not forget this lesson. In essence:

1) Do not swing your club with anyone at least 10 feet within radius
2) Do your practice swings at a distance knowing your golf buddies are well out of reach and your swing not faced at them . (Sometimes you can hit a stone on the ground and that can catch people around you)
3) Prevention is always better than having to apologise for something you didn't mean to happen.

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