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Stop Duffing the Ball Empty Stop Duffing the Ball

Post  MoneyShot on Mon Dec 24, 2007 5:02 pm

Stop Duffing the Ball Main19
The club head digs into the ground before impact and the ball is moved only a short distance.

Check the following symptoms to see where you are going wrong:

Aim: Not a factor.

Grip: You may be holding the club too tightly.

Ball position: The ball may be too far forward in your stance.

Stance: Your hands are probably too far behind the ball as you set up. (See above).

Body alignment: Not a factor.

Posture: Transfer your weight so that you end up with a strong and balanced finish position. Just like you see the professionals do it.
Stop Duffing the Ball Duff_s10

Swing: Check the top of your backswing. Check you are not 'throwing your wrists' into the forward swing which results in the club taking a wider path and hitting the ground before the ball.

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