How to Stop Shanking the Ball

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How to Stop Shanking the Ball Empty How to Stop Shanking the Ball

Post  MoneyShot on Mon Dec 24, 2007 4:57 pm

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The ball flies violently right off the heel of the club face where it meets the shaft, a spot known as the hosel.

Check our list to identify your possible faults:

Aim: Face may be a little open.

Grip: Hands twisted a bit too far left causing the face to open.
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Ball position: Might be too far back.

Stance: Not normally a factor.

Body alignment: Feet and shoulders aiming too far left. (See above).

Posture: Weight is usually positioned too much on the toes. Get on your heels.
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Swing: A shank is an exaggerated swing path. Either you're coming way too much from the inside or you're really chopping across it. Just check your divots.

Golf coach tip: Put the weight on your heels, keep the clubface looking at ball for longer on the way back. Draw a black spot on the toe of the club and then as you're coming down try and hit it out of that spot.

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