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Post  MoneyShot on Mon Dec 24, 2007 4:51 pm

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Only the very bottom of the club head makes contact with the ball resulting in it scuttling along the turf.

Check the following list of possible faults:

Aim: Not a factor.

Grip: Too much tension in the hands at set up.
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Ball position: Check it is in the middle of your stance.

Stance: Not usually a factor.

Body alignment: Not a factor.

Posture: Make sure you flex your knees at set up so you are comfortable over the ball. It may be you are to upright through the swing. (See above).

Swing: You may be lifting your body away from the ball on your follow through or your left arm bends at impact. That's down to too much tension. Keep it soft.

Golf coach tip: Finish with your right shoulder lower than your left in the follow through. Feel like your right shoulder is driving into the ball. Go out and practise taking divots too. (See above).

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