How to Avoid Hooking the Ball

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How to Avoid Hooking the Ball

Post  MoneyShot on Mon Dec 24, 2007 4:46 pm

The ball starts to the right of the target line and then curves to the left to finish to the left of the target.

Check the following list for possible faults:

Aim: Your clubface may be too closed.

Grip: One or both of your hands may be twisted too far to the right. Check the V formed by your thumb and forefinger - it should be pointing inside your right shoulder, not outside.

Ball position: The ball may be too far back in the stance.

Stance: Not usually a problem but may be too wide.

Body alignment: Shoulders aimed far too far to the right. (See above).

Posture: Not normally a factor.

Swing: You cannot hook the ball unless your clubface is going crazy through the strike. Generally the swing is too long so, the body gets to the ball before the club head and the hands turn over at the last minute. (See above).

Golf coach tip: Keep the swing nice and short.

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