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How to Fade the Ball Empty How to Fade the Ball

Post  MoneyShot on Fri Dec 21, 2007 4:28 pm

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A ball which starts left and moves right through the air ending on target is known as a fade.
Colin Montgomerie hits this shot as a natural part of his game.

It's a good thing, here's how to play it:

Step 1: Set your clubface square to the ball.
Hold the club extra tight in the bottom three fingers of your left hand which means you will release the club slightly later than normal and help create the left to right trajectory.
How to Fade the Ball Tight_10

Step 2: Aim your feet and shoulders to the left of the target making sure the clubface is still square. (See above).

Step 3: With everything except the club aiming left, it should automatically force you to develop an out-to-in swing path which is necessary to create the fade. (See above).

Step 4: On the downswing concentrate on bringing the club back across the ball, attacking the 2 o'clock position on the ball. You should feel like your right hand comes underneath the shot.
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Golf coach tip: If you're going to commit to fading the ball then start aiming left. Really commit to moving it from left to right.

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