How to Avoid Slicing the Ball

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How to Avoid Slicing the Ball Empty How to Avoid Slicing the Ball

Post  MoneyShot on Fri Dec 21, 2007 4:13 pm

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The ball starts to the left of the target line and then curves right to finish to the right of the target.

Check this list of possibilities to see where you are going wrong:

Aim: Your clubface could be too open.
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Clubface open

Grip: Your hands may be twisted too far round to the left of the grip, known as a weak grip. As you swing through the ball the blade is naturally opening.

Ball position: The ball could be too far forward in your stance causing your shoulders to open.

Stance: Your stance may be too narrow causing you to be unstable and rely too much on your arms through the forward swing rather than your hips.

Body alignment: Your feet, hips and shoulders are probably aiming too far left of the target causing you to swing your club on an 'out to in' swing path. (See above).

Posture: You may be standing too far from the ball.
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Swing: In the first part of the backswing the club goes too much to the inside. The left arm goes too much across the chest. The arms have got nowhere to go so they lift and go over the top, like a figure of eight almost. (See above).

Golf coach tip: Hit shots from a side hill lie with the ball above your feet. This will get you swinging along the correct target line rather than in, up and over.

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