Even Tiger Woods finds technology changing the game

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Even Tiger Woods finds technology changing the game

Post  Croc on Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:14 am

Tiger Woods won’t be changing his putter any time soon.

But everything else in his bag could be fair game — eventually.

During a Monday news conference at the PGA Learning Center to promote Nike’s new golf equipment, Woods talked about the rapid technological advances in golf.

Not so long ago, Woods used a persimmon driver, and steel-shafted drivers were all the rage. Now it’s impossible to find those clubs on the PGA Tour.

“I bring (the old driver) out every now and then and I hit it probably only 10 or 15 yards behind my driver,” Woods said. “But when I mishit it, it’s like hitting a 3-iron out there. It goes absolutely nowhere, and that’s the biggest difference.”

The putter — Woods’ lone non-Nike club in his bag — is here to stay.

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