How to post an image in Asia Golf Central.

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How to post an image in Asia Golf Central. Empty How to post an image in Asia Golf Central.

Post  Admin on Thu Dec 06, 2007 1:02 am

Dear all,

I understand that most of you have been wondering about the many ways which we can all share images in our forum. I shall try to explain 2 ways which is easiest for all of us to share images.

Method No.1: Using Forumotion's Servimg
1. In Post New Topic window, click on Host an image
2. A new window will pop up prompting you to type your username and password
3. Insert your Asia Golf Central username and password and you will arrive in Upload your image window
4. Browse for your desired image and then choose the desired size (Highly advisable to use 320px width to decrease loading time)
5. Click Host it
6. Copy the BBcode and simply paste it into your New Topic message
7. Preview your message and if everything looks good, click Send.

*Notice that you get the option to choose between full image or thumbnail. Posting a thumbnail will automatically create a link to the actual image when the viewer clicks on it.

Method No.2: Using Third Party Image Host
1. Create an account with an online image host. Example:
a. Kodak Gallery
b. Photobucket
c. Flickr

2. Create albums and upload your images into your respective host accounts
3. Once you have uploaded, simply right click on the image that you would like to post and choose Properties
4. In the Properties window, you will see Address:(URL)
5. For example, this picture here has an Address:(URL) of
How to post an image in Asia Golf Central. 42-18772673
6. Copy the ENTIRE line and paste it onto your New Topic window
7. Highlight the URL and click on Image on the control button panel above
8. The following will appear:
9. Click on preview and you shall see the image appear
10. Click Send to post your message with image(s)

*Using an online image hosting site is highly advisable since these are YOUR photos and is free from being deleted during a clean-up exercise by the forum

I hope this is clear enough for everyone. If you still need help on posting images, please post your questions here and you can be assured of an answer.




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