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Taylormade putters Empty Taylormade putters

Post  wais81 on Fri Nov 30, 2007 11:10 am

hello all,

Last night at bukit Kiara, i found out that taylormade putter are having a 50% sale...and i am just wondering if anyone tried taylormade putters before....i am looking for a nice solid putter now. Feedback pls.....



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Taylormade putters Empty Re: Taylormade putters

Post  MoneyShot on Fri Nov 30, 2007 1:07 pm

i don't know of anyone who has used it, but here's a link to better understand the technology behind the rossa putters...

before you buy a putter, be aware that is a very personal item in your bag. It's like briefs and underwear. it's important to realize which suites you better, depending on your putting stroke. ur level of feel, and hand steadiness.
I don't claim to be all knowledgable on this matter, but if you like, i can follow you to kiara one of these days and we can check the putters out together. Take it out to the putting range next to the shop and try and gauge which suites u better. When does the sale end?

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Taylormade putters Empty Rossa Putters

Post  Croc on Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:40 pm

The Rossa putters do look cool and was wondering how much is it even with 50% off. Personal opinion is that Taylormade Putters are fairly new in the market as compared to more prominent putter manufacturers such as Ping and Odessey. I think if you look at Odessey, even though they are part of Callaway, they've made quite a name for itself in the putting division.

Are these the putters you are talking about?

Taylormade putters R_corzina_thmbTaylormade putters R_tourismo_thumbTaylormade putters R_sienna4_thmb_3Taylormade putters Ro-monzaTaylormade putters R_imola6_thmb_3Taylormade putters Rmontcarl_thmb_3

Like Daniel mentioned, most important is the feel of the putter. I have a Taylormade Rossa putter at home but it really doesn't feel as stable or as consistent as the Ping I am using and the Odessey. However, this is only MY opinion. You should see how much they are selling the Taylormade putters and check some others around the same price range.



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Taylormade putters Empty Re: Taylormade putters

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