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TaylorMade TP Rescue Hybrid / Burner Rescue Hybrid Empty TaylorMade TP Rescue Hybrid / Burner Rescue Hybrid

Post  MoneyShot on Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:20 pm

A pleasant morning to all you folks reading. Aaahhh it's a Thursday, just 2 more days before the weekend comes and golf being the first activity in the saturday itenerary list makes me wish the weekend was already here. MST golf store had its 1 day warehouse sale whereby almost everything was going for 25% discount and a further 10% for ilovegolf members. 35% is a pretty good deal to me for whatever it is you wanted to buy. As avid golfers, who continuously strive to get better at the game, we (myself and Admin) couldn't help ourselves but to get the rescue hybrid clubs that seem to be eluding our sets. We needed it for the ever impending ball in the rough with about 200 metres left to go for the flag.

Be it on the fairway or rough, this club is pretty much needed for its versatility in handling tricky situations whereby it's impossible to use a fairway wood (rough), and lack the distance/roll (irons). I opted for the TaylorMade Burner Rescue Hybrid - 3 (19deg) where else admin went for the TP rescue Hybrid - 2(17 deg). Both were exceptional deals that just couldn't be passed on. We headed to the driving range to test out our newly acquired clubs. It took us a number of mishits and a few adjustments to get the ball up and flying. This is my first rescue hybrid, second for admin and although we haven't mastered it. With the few balls that were hit sweetly, the hybrids flexed its potential right in front of our eyes. In time, our scores/strokes should be reduced.

To learn more about both clubs, please visit :

Burner Rescue Hybrid

TP Rescue Hybrid

The links should provide useful information for any reader who's interested in getting a rescue hybrid.
It is indeed a club that should be in everyone's bag. A club that should come to your aid when u have a difficult lie, long distance to cover,or merely a consistent club off the tee. Hence, A RESCUE club.

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