Ping Fitting and the new G10 and I10

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Ping Fitting and the new G10 and I10 Empty Ping Fitting and the new G10 and I10

Post  MoneyShot on Wed Nov 21, 2007 2:13 pm

I'm torn between the g10's and i10s. Me and a friend, were taken to the Ping fitting facility by a distributor to have us fitted. Basically it is going through measurements, hitting balls with different length clubs and shaft types and grips. After the whole process, the resultant is a set of clubs that have been modified to best suit your type of play achieving better consistency. For a grasp of what i've been talking about, feel free to visit and get yourself fitted online. although it may not be a complete one, at least you will have a better understanding of the equipment setup you will be needing. Ping has established a color coded system for its irons, grips,etc. This is exclusively for their own use, so be reminded that doing this fitting is only beneficial if you're interested in getting a Ping set. I'am an iron green with a white grip color code.

Once this is done, you're just left with the wide range of irons, putters, drivers to choose from. With your specifications, they will customize whatever you choose accordingly. Remember, GREAT GOLF is about getting fitted properly, a sound swing, and the right mentality. Now that we've gotten the first factor out of the way, just remember that if you ever shank, mis-hit anyone of these babies...know that it's the Indian and not the arrow.

In my case, i'm left with either the G10 or i10s. In essence, the G10s are more forgiving, with less shot shaping capabilities and feel/feedback aimed at the high handicapper. The I10 on the contrary, is the alternative for mid-handicappers (apparently 5-15). With a better look, good feel (closest one can get to a forged feel) and is priced around the same if not a little higher than the g-series. Mind you, they are both cast irons, and the common believe is that cast irons cannot be fitted as they have the tendency to break as opposed to forged. However these babies ar using a mixture of elements, they term it 17-4 meaning the lie can be adjust 4 deg upwards or downwards. So yes, for this particular range, they can. Ping uses the AWT (Ascending Weight Technology) iron shafts - lighter long iron shafts create higher club head speed and higher trajectory, heavier short irons create lower trajectory and optimal ball control. It just means, easier to manage the long irons and better control for the short ones.

I have been reviewing too many opinions about both these irons and it basically comes down to these 2 arguments.

1) g10 - because i go to the course every week, i should be getting a set that will give me what i need now - consistent playing within my handicap and a little better (i could shoot a great score one day and be a total wreck another). But once i do progress significantly say in about a 1.5 years time. i'll have to upgrade my set. That's a lot of money spent in a short time. - money factor

2) I10 - With the amount of practice i'm putting in, i hope and expect myself to progress as time goes. This set will be a longer term investment because it can accomodate me progressing further than the g10s. However, with my current inconsistent form, CAN i expect to progress steadily when at first i'm not consistently hitting my handicap.

In summary, it's G10 - Forgiving, easy to hit, consistency VERSUS I10 - Great feel for cast irons, ability to shape shots, accomodate significant future progress

I'm still at a lost. I cannot truly say i prefer one over the other. But i must choose.
Assuming the price of both iron sets are the same, which would you go for and why? Your input just might have an impact on my decision.

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