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The Official Rules of Golf Empty The Official Rules of Golf

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 19, 2007 6:31 pm

To all my fellow golfers,

As the admin I feel that I have a personal obligation to consistently provide information in order to not just promote the game but also towards better understanding of the etiquette and rules that we as golfers should follow in order for everyone to enjoy this game we all love more. This section was created entirely with the intention of learning more about the rules and how we can play better golf with that knowledge that we can all share.

Essentially this section will try and seperate the USGA rule book into 3 section:
1. Etiquette
2. Definitions
3. The Rules of Play

I will not reinvent the wheel but instead will try and make understandable segmentation of each rule so that it will enable us to discuss it more effectively.

Please share your thoughts and comments on how to improve this section by replying to this thread.

Thank you.

- Your Friendly Asia Golf Central Administrator -


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