TP @ Tour Preferred. What it actually means.

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TP @ Tour Preferred. What it actually means.

Post  MoneyShot on Wed Nov 14, 2007 10:52 am

As the topic goes guys, whut does TP mean to you guys, fine ..yes the touring pro's prefer the concerned equipment set in a certain calibration and a certain material used. But to us... the amateurs.. whut does that translate to. Cause i've come across equipment with the TP sign and was like, WHOA..TP dude... must be a good club. (It even sells for higher). But the questions we need to ask are:
1) Do we really need it?
2) Will it serve us the way it was intended?

ur comments....

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hmmmm TP

Post  Croc on Wed Nov 14, 2007 5:13 pm

Hey man,

Mine is a TP. To be honest I am only saying this based on my own limited experience. I think as you know I've used an On Off Driver, Taylormade R7 425, and tried one or two others briefly before switching and ultimately sticking to my current Taylormade R510 TP driver.

Throughout the entire time using the above drivers including the current one, I think the non-TP versions are essentially easier to hit. However with TP, it takes A LOT of practice and demoralization at the driving range and course before I actually started to get a feel for the driver.

However, once I've gotten somewhat used to it, it seems that right now I am more confident the shots that I make. It seems that I roughly could tell where my shots are going to be. Maybe this might apply to any driver as in the more you use it the more you are used to it... but then again this is only my assesment of the other drivers as compared to my current one.

Not too bad I'd say about the TP driver.



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